...that you will not enter the auditorium in the middle of screenings. Also, laptops and mobile phones should not be used during the screenings, because the light is disturbing to others. If you need to take notes, please use pen and paper. Thank you!


The Viscult film festival takes place in Auditorium AU100 in the Aurora Building (B entrance) of the University of Eastern Finland, Yliopistokatu 2, Joensuu.


We recommend to use Joensuu Areena parking lot on the other side of Yliopistokatu.


Aura (in Aurora building) open Mon -Thu 7:45 - 19:00, Fri 7:45 -16:30. Lunch 10:30 - 14:00.

Carelia (in Carelia building) open Mon-Thu 8:30 - 17:00, Fri 8:30 - 16:00. Lunch 10:30 - 16:30.


The theme of Viscult 2018 is Good Life. What is good life and how do ethnographic films depict and discuss its forms and aspirations? How are desires for a good life socially structured and played out in different cultures and groups? Who has access to a good life? Conceptions about the ingredients for a good life vary. Cultural models of a good life find their basis in social organizations and power structures, gender, economy, religion, and the environment. The foundation for a good life is often fragile. How are prerequisites for a good life protected and secured in different situations? Does culture change due to aspirations for a good life or do changes in culture and ways of life condition such goals? How does modernization or climate change, for example, affect the prerequisites for a good life? How do individually and collectively constructed conceptions of a good life match with each other, and what kind of tensions may emerge? What kind of moral and ethical questions link up with desires for a good life and alienation thereof?

Viscult Film Festival focuses on anthropological and ethnographic documentaries. The program consists of film screenings, student-focused workshops and plenary lecture. The events are free for all. Moreover, the majority of the films in the program will be streamed live as real-time Internet broadcasts.

Viscult is organized by the North Karelian Regional Film Association together with the University of Eastern Finland and Karelia University of Applied Sciences. Associated festival partners are the student associations Nefa-Joensuu and Muuvi.

Viscult expresses its deepest gratitude to the University of Eastern Finland for providing the venue for the 2018 festival.


The first international festival of ethnographic, anthropological and documentary film in Finland, the Festival of Visual Culture was founded in 2001. Through the years Viscult has been visited by many great filmmakers, visual anthropologists and lecturers.

The festival utilizes modern technology to bridge geographical obstacles. To our knowledge, Viscult was the first film festival in the world to stream all content – films and discussions alike – live on the Internet.

Viscult is a festival that thinks and works globally.