Viscult 2019 Film Festival and the 39th NAFA Conference will be held in October on the theme Cultural Connections.

The 17th annual Viscult Film Festival for ethnographic documentaries will be held 22–25 October 2019 in the University of Eastern Finland Joensuu Campus together with the Nordic Anthropological Film Association NAFA. The event is also the 39th NAFA Conference, held every other year in Europe. The previous NAFA Conference in Finland was in 2002, and also in the Viscult Film Festival.

The Viscult–NAFA 2019 Call for Films is open until 17 April 2019 at the NAFA website

The Viscult–NAFA 2019 program consists of documentary films, academic plenary lectures, student-oriented workshops and side events. The main program will be streamed online, as has been customary for the Viscult since the first festival in 2001. The live stream enables interactive viewing of the festival contents in homes and educational institutions regionally and internationally.

The Viscult–NAFA 2019 is organized by the North Karelia Regional Film Association together with the Karelia University of Applied Sciences Media Studies, the Cultural Studies section of the School of Humanities at the University of Eastern Finland, and the Nordic Anthropological Film Association NAFA. The student associations Nefa-Joensuu and Muuvi are supplementary festival partners.