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Viscult – elokuvafestivaali aloitetaan tänä vuonna Bob Entropin dokumenttielokuvalla ”Shared Pride” (The Netherlands 2017) keskiviikkona 24.10 klo 10:30.

Shared Pride kertoo kolmen naisen tarinan siitä,miten he käsittelevät ja etsivät juuriaan sinti- ja romanikulttuureissa.

Tämä on ohjaaja Bob Entropin 12. dokumentti romanikulttuurista, ja haastattelimme häntä elokuvan tiimoilta.


What experience did you have in the past regarding to Roma culture in Europe? How did you become interested in them?

It started in 2004 with the production of my first Sinti movie: the WHITE WHALE. That was the beginning of making friends with this very closed community.After the release and knowing a lot of Sinti who trusted me, especially Lalla Weiss, the spokesman of the Sinti in the Netherlands, we together decided to go on making more movies. One the most important films were A BLUE HOLE IN THE SKY and BROKEN SILENCE dealing about the Holocaust. It was the very first time that Sinti and Roma spoke about what has happened with their familys during 2WW. Both films were broadcasted and show at different festivals, winning prices.

Did you have any doubts about the film when you were making it?

Not at all, because we know each other for a long time and the shooting was based on trust.

What did you learn from making this film?

That it’s still neccessary making more films about new subjects.

What was the best part or most important part of making the film?

I am always happy making a film with Sinti. Friendly people with a rich culture.

Are you planning to make more films?

I have a trackrecord of 325 films. Including 16 movies about the Roma culture. Next year I release OEDOER DROM about a trip of Sinti to India, where they came from along time ago.

The theme for this year is Good Life. What does good life mean to you?

A good life means to me accepting each other with respect.

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