Viscult 2016: On the Move


Viscult 2016: On the Move

Already the 14th Viscult Film Festival of anthropological and ethnographic documentaries will be held 26.–28.10.2016 in Joensuu with the theme On the Move. It focuses on films, which analyse moving and movement as cultural and social activity. The theme will be treated in films, plenary lectures and student oriented workshops. The festival is open and free for anyone interested.

The Viscult 2016 international Call for Films closed in March with over 180 films proposed for selection. This is a record number in the history of Viscult.

Viscult 2016 selected films include Sailing a Sinking Sea by Olivia Wyatt, a documentary on the South Asian Mokens and their sea nomadic culture. Mokens spend eight months each year in small wooden boats living from the sea. The visually impressive documentary balances between mythology and the present in a rich and informative way.

Movement also relates to the body and social classifications. Body Games – Capoeira and Ancestry (directed by Richard Pakleppa, Matthias Röhrig Assunção & Cobra Mansa), filmed in Brazil and Angola, presents the capoeira sports and culture. The Eternal Night of Twelve Moons by Priscila Padilla documents the process of becoming a woman in the indigenous Wayuu culture in Columbia. Among the Wayuu, young women are separated from the village for twelve months. The film analyses the changes of cultural traditions in modernity.

Finnish documentarists are represented by Hanna Hovitie’s Miles to Go Before I Sleep, a story of human trafficking, exile and identity loss in the case of a victim from Congo. Arthur Franck’s Yellow Hair recounts the life of a North American Oglala Lakota tribe member Thomas, who has travelled a long way to find his life’s balance in Finland.

The complete Viscult 2016 program will be released in the end of August!

Viscult Film Festival is organised by the North Karelia Regional Film Association together with Karelia University of Applied Sciences and the Cultural Research section of the School of Humanities at the University of Eastern Finland. Associated festival partners include the student associations Muuvi and Nefa-Joensuu.