Conveying movement through film and text


Tiia Grøn's workshop on Thursday focused on the differences between film and text.

On Thursday 27.10 Tiia Grøn was having a Conveying movement trough film and text –workshop. Grøn graduated in visual anthropology from The University of Tromsø, and Faces of the Wilderness was her master film. The movie takes place in the Lapland in Finland, in the wilderness area of Käsivarsi. She took some influence to workshop from the process of creation, which made her to think about the differences between the film and the text. Grøn wanted to create a workshop based on this.

The workshop was in English and it was open to everyone. Participants had an small assignment to make a short text and a video clip. Grøn was using her own works as an example, and there was conversation between Grøn and participants of the workshop about the differences between film and text.

First participants wrote their short texts and after that they went outside to film their videos with their phones. The given subject was ”rush.” Participants had a limited time to do this task, but they did got a good taste of how to express something with film and text.

Grøn says that the exercise went well, she thinks it was really interesting to see how they approached this topic, as they came back with different interesting things.

Grøn's film Faces of the Wilderness will be on the screen on Friday 28.9 16:20 pm on Tiedepuisto.