Douglas Burke

Surfer: Teen Confronts Fear

USA 2018 * 98 min

“Certainly made with intense passion, and thoroughly a modern Incredibly Strange Film —- There’s little to Surfer – and yet, so much. —- Titular teen Surfer, characterised entirely by having been scared away from surfing by a big wave, is visited by a man who tells him to confront his fear. He confronts his fear. He surfs. And…that’s about it, as far as broad-stroke plot and stakes go. But nearly everything about the execution is goddamn bizarre. —- It’s hypnotically weird, sometimes edging on surreality. —- I can’t speak any higher of Surfer: Teen Confronts Fear than to say I am convinced that nobody on Earth could have made it except Doug Burke.” – Andrew Todd / Slash Film

Directed by: Douglas Burke

Cast: Sage Burke, Douglas Burke, Gerald James, Alexander Angelikis, Marian Thomas Griffin, Nick Snyder