Israel 2018 • 50 min

Distribution company: Costanza Film Distribution
Country of shooting: Israel

“We are guilty, we’ve brought shame on ourselves,” this is how Unes summarizes decades of collaboration with Israeli security forces and helping Jews to buy land from Palestinians.

Tal Michael is a film & TV director and content editor. She is a graduate of the film and Television dept. at Tel Aviv University, and a former PhD student in Comparative Literature. Among her films are Who’s Afraid of Mordechai Vanunu?, Israel is not waiting…, about the assassination of Prime Minister Itzhak Rabin, Pitbulls: Flesh&Blood, about the last year of rehabilitation farm for dangerous dogs, and the docu series My Little Empire, about 12 women who start their own independent business. Her works have gained prizes and participated in international festivals, and have been acquired by television in Israel and abroad.

David Ofek graduated from the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School in 1992. His graduation film, High-Tech Dreams, won the 1993 Jerusalem Film Festival best short award. His film Home won the first prize at the 1994 Jerusalem film festival and dozens of international awards. Ofek is one of Israel’s leading and prolific documentary and television series makers with a wide body, with Yossi Madmoni and individually, of award-winning works.