UK 2019 • 30 min

Producer: GCVA, University of Manchester
Country of shooting: Brazil

In Search of a Bororo Mr. Right is an experimental ‘rom com’ in that it seeks to introduce the romantic comedy genre as a novel tool for an ethnographic analysis of kinship. The genre explores the topics of love, marriage and women’s issues with the biological clock. This ethnographic film deals with the search for love and explores the character’s concerns with finding ‘Mr. Right’, conciliating love and career, as well as the ticking of the biological clock. It can only be understood as a ‘rom com’ in the context of ethnographic film. The mythology of Bororo people designs specific paths of marriage for each clan. It prescribes the path one should take on the moral village plan in order to find their “true” husband or wife. The film navigates Bororo myth, telling the story of two Bororo girls who set out in search of their mythical Mr. Right.

Flávia Kremer is an anthropologist & filmmaker. She holds a PhD in Social Anthropology with Visual Media from the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology, University of Manchester.