UK 2019 • 16 min

Producer: GCVA, University of Manchester
Country of shooting: Shetland/Scotland

Shetland is a place of wild, unforgiving landscapes, supernatural beliefs and a soundscape barely altered over time. The film explores storytelling and social imagination in Shetland. The folklore tale, Da Hillsook Wedeen, has a timeless quality: unfolding from historical trauma forward through generations of women’s voices. What does it mean to be a woman left on the shore?

Hope Strickland is a visual anthropologist and filmmaker from Manchester, UK. Da Hillsook Wedeen was Hope’s final film for the MA in Visual Anthropology from The Granada Centre, The University of Manchester. Hope’s background is in exhibition curation and arts research; more recently she has completed a series of short film commissions for charities across the North West of England. Hope is currently working on a film with the elderly Caribbean community in Manchester, exploring transnational migration and an ethics of care. Interests include feminist film practices, archival response and an experimental approach to critical blackness.