Norway 2019 • 28 min

Producer: MVA, UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Country of shooting: Finland

Barefoot in the forest is about activist Christoph ‘Huck’ Middeke and his experiment with life. In the forest of Finland, with his bicycle and various equipment, he sets out to explore how one can live closer to nature and how we can all do our part in supporting the web of life. Huck dedicates himself to putting thought into action – repairing our culture, living without money or fossil fuels and without producing rubbish – to be a part of nature.  But Huck´s dream is tempered by the realities of life; supporting a family, living in a city and raising a young son. 

Director Julia Alva Cleeve and Huck Middeke will be present at the screening.

Julie Alva Cleve is a researcher and filmmaker born in Oslo, Norway, but currently based in northern Norway. Both before and after doing her BA degree in anthropology and development studies in Oslo, she has travelled, studied and worked as a volunteer in different parts of the world. She spent several years in South America and studied anthropology, local knowledge and sustainable development in Bolivia. Her interests span from environmental preservation projects, social and cultural work, change movements and indigenous knowledge. As part of her MA degree in visual anthropology, she did her fieldwork in Finland on sustainability and activism, making the film Barefoot in the forest as part of the thesis.