Denmark 2018 • 90 min

Producer: Magic Hour Films
Country of shooting: Denmark/Thailand

In the small fishing community of Thy in northern Denmark, 926 Thai women are married to Danish men, a trend that started 25 years ago when a former sex worker from Pattaya married a Thy native and has since helped lonely local men and impoverished women from her village find someone to share life with. Acclaimed filmmaker, Janus Metz, and his anthropologist wife, Sine Plambech, follow four of these Thai-Danish couples over ten years and two continents in an epic and intimately observed family chronicle about the needs, longings and dreams that unite and separate us across global boundaries. Above all, it is a film about love.

Sine Plambech is an anthropologist at the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) and Adjunct Assistant Professor at Barnard College, Columbia University. Plambech has worked with migrant societies in Thailand, Nigeria, Italy and Denmark for more than fifteen years, related to her research on migration, human trafficking, the European migrant crisis, sex work and marriage migration. She has worked with these fields for the United Nations and as a consultant for the European Commission, as well as for governments and NGOs. In 2016, Plambech received the prestigious Sapere Aude young elite award from the Danish Research Council. Sine Plambech’s intimate knowledge of the Thai women and their lives has contributed to the filmmakers always being a step ahead in the process, enabling them to capture important material and at the same time avoiding the film depicting stereotypical portraits.

Janus Metz is an internationally recognised and award-winning filmmaker. His latest film, Borg vs McEnroe (2017), was the opening film at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival and has been distributed to cinemas all over the world. His documentary Armadillo (2010), received the Grand Prix of the Semaine de la Critique at the Cannes Film Festival and a number of additional awards, including an Emmy for best editing and a Grierson Award and a nomination at the European Film Awards. Armadillo was screened at cinemas in 18 countries. Metz has a Master’s degree in visual anthropology and his work also includes art films, commercials and music videos. In 2015, he directed an episode of the HBO series True Detective (2015).