Finland 2019 • 58 min

Producer: Illume Oy
Country of shooting: Finland

In 1917 Finnish explorer, Sakari Pälsi travelled to Northeastern Siberia carrying a cinematograph and 13,000 feet of film with him. The journey produced a unique documentary film and a travelogue. A hundred years later director Kira Jääskeläinen returns to the Bering Strait in Pälsi’s footsteps. Combining old and new film footage, Pälsi’s notes and the stories of the local indigenous peoples, the film highlights the story of the Chukchi and Siberian Eskimos from bygone days till today.

Kira Jääskeläinen, Finnish documentarist and explorer. She studied at Copenhagen University (MA in Russian Studies and Film Studies) and the All Russian State University of Cinematography in Moscow (documentary film). Siberia became her passion at early stage. She wrote her Master’s thesis about the Indigenous peoples of Chukotka peninsula and later finished her debut film, Tagikaks – Once Were Hunters, which has been screened and awarded in festivals around the world.