Dr. Matti Eräsaari

Querying the Good Life

Thursday 25 October, 10:15, University of Eastern Finland, Aurora, Auditorium AU100

“The good life” has been gradually emerging as an object of anthropological inquiry. But what kind of an object is it: how does one study the “good life”? In this talk, I will follow Chris Gregory in arguing that “good life” is ultimately a question at least as much as an answer, an ethnographically rather than theoretically grounded notion. But what are the potential strengths of an open-ended notion like “good life”? This talk seeks to sketch out a few answers by comparing the study of good life to the anthropological study of value.

Matti Eräsaari is an Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Helsinki. He has conducted fieldwork in Fiji and Finland, and carried out research on topics such as time, value, cultural change, and food.