Levent Cetin

Horse Tales

Friday 26 October, 14:35, University of Eastern Finland, Aurora, Auditorium AU100

Turkey 2018 | 17 min | Producer: Levent Cetin | Country of shooting: Turkey

A hot and crowded summer day on Prinkipo, İstanbul. Muhammed (18) plays with a horse running in the woods across Aya Nikola beach. He is supposed to change the horses of the coaches he works for and the driver is already late. Tourists pass by as he waits for the driver impatiently. Born actually in Van, he tells us that he has worked for coaches since he was a kid. After all, the stable boys and horses are from the same lands and they have grown up in the same region. As he washes the horses, we see other stable boys currying the horses, horses going in the sea, the stables and coaches, which pass by on the road fast. This is a routine that goes on throughout the summer while the time slows down as the horses and stable boys get tired.