Marek Šulík

Heavy Heart

Thursday 25 October, 18:00, University of Eastern Finland, Aurora, Auditorium AU100

Slovakia 2017 | 71 min | Producer: Jana Belišová | Country of shooting: Slovakia

The documentary film Heavy Heart is a product of the ethnomusicological research project “Silalo panori / Cold water” (2014–2017) on ancient Roma songs. These songs are usually connected to the memories and experiences of their performers. In a mosaic-like way, the documentary traces the ways in which original Roma music is transferred to the next generation, and also how it ceases to exist under the influence of social changes.

Three stories of young people from Roma communities serve as interludes consisting of materials gained during research trips. Anna Michalíková teaches her grandson the old songs. He likes them, and the songs provide a means for him not to lose contact with his old mother. Gusto Dunka, on the other hand, is endeavoring to force his adolescent son Erik to learn Romani songs and guitar playing. Erik, however, listens to Rom-pop, and instead of playing music he scuffles with his friends. Cousins Adrian and Tomas would like to learn to play guitar like Adrian’s father Peter. But he is in England and cousins have to attend the Art School, where they teach their scales, sheet…