Bob Entrop

Shared Pride

Wednesday 24 October, 10:30, University of Eastern Finland, Aurora, Auditorium AU100

The Netherlands 2017 | 94 min | Producer: Raoul de Zwart | Country of shooting: The Netherlands

Over the past 10 years Bob Entrop has made 12 films about the
Sinti and Roma cultures. But his curiosity hasn’t diminished.
This is the story of three women who deal with their heritage
in a different way. Cillia is building her career as a Latin dancer.

Which is very uncommon in the Sinti tradition. With the help
of her mother she got the family elder’s permission. Ruva was
born deaf, and fled Kosovo when she was young to break free
from the local Roma culture. After travelling around she married
a Dutch non-Roma man and now she helps deaf Roma and
refugees. Nadita was adopted as a baby by a non-Roma family
and has never met her Serbian birth parents. Later in her life she started to search for her Roma identity through music.