WEDNESDAY 25.10. at 17:15

The Netherlands 2016
29 min
Producer: Koosje de Pooter
Country of shooting: Belgium

Ghent is home to an estimated 7000 Roma, estimated because the city’s policy does not register according to ethnicity. Media often portray Roma as poor and uneducated but several self-organizations and other initiatives are set up in Ghent to promote Roma culture and create a positive image of this group to help people of the Roma community to improve their position in the Belgian society. This film is the result of an anthropological fieldwork in Ghent and explores how three ‘institutes’ that deal with people of the Roma community in Ghent negotiate about their position. At the Christian charity organization ‘VZW De Tinten’, the first ‘institute’, we see in what position many Roma in Ghent live. The second ‘institute are the Roma self-organizations, led by chairmen Tibor Moco and Martin Balogh, who call themselves Roma activists. They are the main characters in this film in which the mediator-roles these men play between the Roma and the non-Roma society will be explored. For example in how they deal with the Cities policy(makers), the third ‘institute’, in negotiating about their position in the City of Ghent.