The theme of Viscult 2016 is On the Move. Moving belongs to essentials of all life: life is movement, action and activity. Movement is change, and only change is continual. Emotions and affects move us. Moving can be an important content of life for many through performing arts, sports or pilgrimage, for example. Movement, human interaction and the traffic of materials, goods and ideas establish the foundations for development of culture and society. Whole cultures may be founded on the idea of movement and travel. Multiple mobilities characterize the global situation in the 2010s. Social change frequently assumes the form of social movements, yet the freedom of movement is unevenly distributed in the world. The necessity to escape conflicts, disasters, ethnic, gender or other forms of discrimination, and harsh living conditions cause migration and diaspora – and also immeasurable personal and social problems, and despair. The global economy and international politics presume freedom of movement, but they also create international crime, human trafficking and forced transfers of populations. Tourism appears as the privilege of movement for people in rich countries, and for destination areas tourism is lucrative business.

The Viscult Film Festival focuses especially on anthropological and ethnographic documentaries. The program consists of film screenings, student-focused workshops and plenary lectures. The events are free for all. Moreover, majority of the program will be streamed in the Internet as a real-time net broadcast, so the events can be followed from across the world.


The first international festival of ethnographic, anthropological and documentary film in Finland, the Festival of Visual Culture was founded in 2001. Through the years Viscult has seen many great filmmakers, visual anthropologists and lecturers.

The festival utilizes modern technology to bridge geographical obstacles and to our knowledge was the first film festival in the world that streamed all content – films and discussions alike – live on the Internet all over the world.

Viscult is a festival that thinks and works globally.

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