Mandy Hughes

The Last Refuge: Food Stories from Myanmar to Coffs Harbour

Friday 2.10. 15:10, Joensuu Science Park

Australia/Myanmar 2015 • 25 min

‘The last refuge: food stories from Myanmar to Coffs Harbour’ explores the foodways of the Myanmar community now residing in a regional town in Australia. It portrays people from refugee backgrounds who have fled their homeland with little more than their stories and their memories. Some of these settlers have spent more than 20 years in refugee camps. They have now arrived in a new and unfamiliar environment. But their memories allow their traditions to continue. And food can play an important role in reproducing this cultural identity.

Director`s Biography

Mandy Hughes has a background in media working with the ABC and SBS. As part of her PhD studies at Southern Cross University, she’s made a documentary called the ‘The Last Refuge: Food Stories from Myanmar to Coffs Harbour’.