Anne Georget

Imaginary Feasts

Wednesday 30.9. 19:20, Kerubi

France 2014 • 70 min • Octobre Productions

In Nazi concentration camps, the Gulag and Japanese war camps, deportees wrote cooking recipes. Hundreds of those recipes were copied in small notebooks by starving human beings of all origins–women, men, young, old, French, Russians, Americans–who took huge risks to write and keep them. Telling about these objects of survival, the film explores a phenomenon of incredible Resistance. Until now, no study or publication had ever been made on them.

Director`s Biography

Anne Georget was born in 1962. She is documentary filmmaker and journalist from France. Anne Georget is director of documentaries films since 1991. She have made her master in journalism, Columbia University, New York, 1988.

Selected filmography:
When a man asks for dying (2012)
Diseases for sale (2011)
TV in the Baby Bottle (2010)
Searching for Ethics (2009)