Adelina Antónia, Martin Gruber, Miguel S. Hilario, Henriques Bino Job, Fatima Jose & Evaristo Quintas


Thursday 1.10. 17:00, Joensuu Science Park

Huchi • Germany 2013 • 39 min • Martin Gruber

The film “Honey” depicts the production of honey from wild bees as well as different aspects of honey consumption in the highlands of central Angola. Honey is an important means of subsistence and cash income in this area and thus deeply embedded in the local culture. The film was conceived and shot by a group of villagers from the Cusseque area during participatory film workshop organised for the international research project “The Future Okavango”, investigating resource management in the Okavango Basin.

Director`s Biography

Honey were produced during workshops organized by anthropologist Martin Gruber (University of Bremen) together with the local TFO members Robert Mukuya (Namibia), Meshack Kwamovo (Botswana) and Miguel S. Hilario (Angola).

Martin Gruber work as a freelance filmmaker and anthropologist in Hamburg and around the world. Since many years he have been teaching seminars in anthropology and film(making) at various universities. Martin Grubers main interests are visual methods and practical training in documentary filmmaking.