Valérie Berteau & Philippe Witjes

Himself He Cooks

Friday 2.10. 10:00, Joensuu Science Park

Belgium 2011 • 64min • Polymorfilms

In the Golden Temple in Amritsar hundreds of volunteers prepare 100 000 free meals every day. The spontaneous choreography of many philanthropists hands reveals the essence and atmosphere of this fascinating place.

Directors’ biographies

Valerie Berteau was born in 1975, and now lives and works in Brussels. In the nineties, she started travelling and becoming involved in photography. After completing studies in visual communication, photography and video she began to work as a photojournalist and in fi lm production. She was involved as coordinator of many cross-over projects with associations and NGO’s.

Philippe Witjes lives and works as an independant cook & video director in Brussels. Involved in various actions related with democratic food. Cook & Logistics manager for cultural centers,NGO, concert halls in Belgium. He started to travel and to cook abroad(Small Canteen in Antsirabe- Madagascar, volunteer cooking 1,200 free meals daily in Cité Soleil–Haïti, Porthmouth-Dominica, Toubabdialaw-Senegal.