Catarina Alves Costa

The Golden Line

Friday 2.10. 15:45, Joensuu Science Park

O Fio do Azeite • Portugal 2015 • 30 min • Closing film. Discussion with the director.

During one winter, in the Beira Baixa portuguese region, we follow the cycle, the thread of olive oil: from pruning, harvesting and transport to the olive mill, through the various uses and different modes of production at present.

Director`s Biography

Catarina Alves Costa is an anthropologist and filmmaker. Born in Oporto Portugal in 1967, she received a BA in Social Anthropology from the Instituto Superior de Cincias do Trabalho e da Empresa (Lisbon, Portugal) in 1990. In 1992, she received an MA in Visual Anthropology from the Granada Centre University of Manchester (U.K.). From 1995 to 2000 she worked in the National Ethnological Museum in Film Archives (mostly from Africa and Timor) doing research and production of documentary films for exhibitions, and then moved to the island of S. Vicente in Cape Verde working with a documentary film festival.

Since 1997 she has been teaching Visual Anthropology and Ethnographic Film in the Social Sciences at the Nova University of Lisboan. She is also co-founder of the production company, Laranja Azul, where she works as a Producer/Director of Creative Documentaries. She is also President of the Board of the Portuguese Documentary Association and Artistic Co-Director of the International Documentary Seminar, Docs Kingdom, held every year in Serpa, Portugal.