Rules of Single Life

This is a story about four young men who have one year to find a loved one in Helsinki.Tonislav, 29, moved to Finland from Bulgaria to marry a Finnish girl. Now he's divorced and learning how to be a single in the North. Tonislav's best friend Zoran is also divorced. The third guy, Kiril, is the expert of successful proposals. For Hristiyan, the only woman in his life is his Mom. Each of these four Bulgarians aim to find a girlfriend within 12 months. Every menas is allowed: from internet dating to etiquette training and dancing lessons. The year is full of longing for love and east European self-irony. Love is, however, full of surprises. The past doesn't keave them in peace. The challenge is, how to learn to love again and how to get to know Finnish girls?

Rules of Single Life / Sinkkuelämän säännöt (2011)
Running time: 83 min.
Directed by: Tonislav Hristov

Tonislav Hristov

Tonislav Hristov (Bulgarian: Тонислав Христов ) was born on 18 December 1978 in Vratza, Bulgaria. He moved to Finland at 2001. Five years ago he started first courses in film making and began making his own movies. He speaks English, Finnish and his mother tongue, Bulgarian.


Art High school, Vratza 1993-1997
Technical University, Rouse 1997-2002
Media school Yle/Etno-Basaari 2004
Media school Yle/MUNDO 2005-2007
Stadia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki 2005-2007