Buru Garra

The film explores the struggle and success stories of the two 'daughters of the soil"- Dayamani Barla and Nirmala Putul from the tribal backyards of Jharkhand. The tale of the duo's struggle is woven around their efforts to triumph over the various forms of injustice meted out to the tribal society. Their success is mirrored in their assertion through the power of pen. In the process, they have not only reinforced the tribal identity to the outside world, but are also looked up as the torch bearers in their community.

The story of the film undertakes their personal journeys, narrated through their struggles, joys, aspirations and goals. This has been captured through their interviews; their poems, reports and the versions of others who matter in their respective fields. 

Buru Garra (2008)
Running time 28 min
Directed by Shri Prakash

Shiri Prakash

Shriprakash was born on the 23rd of December 1966 from a family of farmers in the state of Bihar, in an area that in 2000 became a separate state called Jharkhand. He graduated in Science and Journalism from Ranchi University and soon became interested in video as an activist medium. With his films he has attempted to capture the struggles and aspirations of indigenous local communities in Bihar and Jharkhand, and to give them a voice. "I do not impose my views," he explains. "I am only the instrument that takes the camera to the place of struggle. It's the people participating in the struggle who actually make the film. They live out their lives and voice their concerns in their own words. I only record."