Burma in pieces

Shot illegally and often covertly in Burma and Thailand over 2 years, Burma in Pieces is a human rights road movie and a poetic sound and visual metaphor of life under a military dictatorship, pieced together from 150 hours of original material, interviews and archive footage. Filmed on bustling city streets and in remote mountain villages, in trains and markets, guerrilla resistance compounds in the landmine infested Burmese jungle, refugee camps on the Thai border, Buddhist temples, schools and kickboxing tournaments, the film offers intimate and unique observations of life in Burma under the shadow of the military dictatorship that controls it.

For decades, the horrific human rights violations and political oppression in Burma has gone untold and unnoticed by the world, and while media coverage has improved in recent years, Burma is still a closed society and its people remain distant statistics in a world desensitised by the horrors of conflict. Burma in Pieces therefore attempts to offer a detailed, nuanced human perspective of the nature of fear and oppression by bringing the audience into the lives, homes and environments of the Burmese people, thus experiencing their warmth, struggle and sacrifice.

Burma in pieces (2010)
Running time: 45 min.
Directed by Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

As a director, I have made 4 documentary films that have been screened on TV in Denmark, UK and Australia and have participated in film festivals all over the world (Best Director, Best Editing awards).
I have produced several other documentary and short films and have gained much experience as a cinematographer, film editor and sound technician. I also work p/t as a freelance film journalist for The Copenhagen Post.

Fictional short film ‘Daneland’ (2011, Denmark): Director, writer (ongoing).

Documentary film ’Burma in Pieces’ (2010, Burma/ Thailand): Director, producer, co-photographer, co-writer. Festival screenings: Edindocs International Documentary Film Festival 2011 (Edinburgh), Open City Documentary Film Festival 2011 (London), South East Asian Film Festival 2011 (Thailand), Documentary Edge Campus 2011 (New Zealand), International Crime and Punishment Film Festival 2011 (Istanbul).

Freelance Journalist, The Copenhagen Post, Denmark (2007-date): film criticism and film-related articles.
Awards: Article of the year 2007, Journalist of the year 2008.

TV documentary series ’The Nordic Man’ (2007, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland): Presenter, Actor.

Still Photography project: ‘Life’s A Beach: Africa’ (2007, Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Mozambique).

Documentary film/ video installation ’Voice of the Khmer Rouge’ (2006, Cambodia): Co-producer, photographer, co-writer.

Short fiction ’Five Pairs of Shoes’ (2005): Producer, photographer. Shown on DR2 (Denmark)/ Cosmic Zoom Film Festival 2005 (Denmark) - Audience Award.

Documentary film 'Township Boys’ (2005): Producer. Premiere: Cinemateket Copenhagen, Feb 2006. Festival screenings: Various incl. Cph:Dox Film Festival 2006 (Denmark)/ Discovery Channel, Nov 2006.

Documentary film ’The Illogical Instrument’ (2004, Denmark): Director, photographer, co-writer. TV screening: DR1 (Denmark), May 2004.

Documentary film ’The Cars That Ate Oz’ (2002, Australia): Director, co-producer, photographer, editor, writer. Premiere: Cinemateket Copenhagen, June 2002. Festival screenings: KIDFF - Special Mention. TV screenings: SBS TV (Australia), February 2004.

Documentary film ’Indian Quality’ (2000, India): Director, co-producer, photographer, editor, writer.
Premiere: Cinemateket Copenhagen, Dec 2000. Festival screenings: Various incl. Danish Film Institute Screening 2000 Film Festival (Denmark) - Best Film and Best Editing, Beeld voor Beeld Film Festival 2001(Holland) - Opening film. TV screenings: SBS TV (Aus) Nov 2002 and DR1 (Denmark) June 2003.