Festival is now over, thanks to all participants!

Pictures from the festival

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Anniversary of Viscult celebrates in good company

We celebrate Viscults tenth edition with a quest list of the most well known scholars, teachers and filmmakers in the field of visual anthropology.

Festival quests present visual antropology and documentary film of their countries. The quest list so far consists of professor Carmen Guarini from Argentina, professor Eugen Alexandrov and doctor Elena Danilko from Russia, professors K.P. Jayasankar and Anjali Monteiro from India, film-maker Everardo Gonzales from Mexico and the grand old man of visual anthropology professor Jay Ruby and professor Faye Ginsburg of NYU Certificate Program in Culture and Media from USA.

To present Finnish document film, we have invited filmmaker and doctor Jouko Aaltonen.

Ten years of Viscult – Special edition 30.9.-3.10.2010. Joensuu, Finland.

Viscult, an international festival of anthropological and documentary film will take place in Joensuu for the tenth time this fall. Viscult is the only film festival in the world that can be viewed live in the internet.

Special program includes Dziga Vertovs famous classic Man with a Movie Camera (Tšelovek s kinoapparatom 1929) accompanied by a band led by Inga Grigorjeva.

What’s Viscult

Viscult is an international documentary film festival specialized in anthropological and ethnographic film.

The festival in Joensuu, which is located near the Russian border in Finland, is known for its warm and intimate atmosphere, and of course, very traditional and at the same time very international sauna.

It’s a festival that thinks and works globally.