Topacco, Thruths and Rummikub

The first inhabitants of Nieuwland (New land), Schiedam have seen their neighbourhood change. Now that many of them are more than 80 years old, they form a white minority. After them the migrants arrived, for whom in turn Nieuwland was their new land. For more than a year, Steef Meyknecht followed four stories from this neighbourhood: the sixth form of the Islamic primary school Ababil, Riet's Rummikub club, Uli's tobacco store and Ferry, the local policeman. Together they form a meaningful portrait of this deprived urban area.

Topacco, Thruths and Rummikub (2010)
93 min
Directed by: Steef Meyknecht
Production: Synchroon filmmakers

Steef Meyknecht

Steef Meyknecht is an independent documentary filmmaker. His work has been screened by different Dutch public senders. As a freelance photographer Steef Meyknecht realizes assignments for the Dutch administration and various institutions.
He has a part-time position at the department of Cultural Anthropology, University of Leiden, the Netherlands. As a Social Anthropologist with professional experience in photography and filmmaking, he is teaching Visual Ethnography. The observational documentary cinema is over here his main focus of interest.