The Arrow of Seven Flames

For centuries Ugro-Finn and Slavic peoples have been living on the land of Perm and Vyatka. What is the present of the descendants of these ancient cultures? How do they identify themselves – are they Permyaks or Russians? How do their mutual relations develop? What do they believe in? How to enter the world of contemporary Russian village? How to hold the impressions one gets in a multiple conversations and how to preserve the essence of this wonderful world? Members of the expedition of Russian Academy of Sciences made their studies in a year of 2005 in the Afanasyevo region of Kirov district in the Ilushi village and around. Dozens of hours of video and audio recordings not only allow researchers to return to the passed time, but they also may become the foundation in describing of it. This effort was made by the authors of the film.

The Arrow of Seven Flames (2009)
Director: Evgeny Aleksandrov, Elena Danilko
Producer: Evgeny Aleksandrov
Production company: Lomonosov Moscow State University

Evgeny Alexandrov

Leading research assistant, Doctor of Fine Arts, the head of laboratory of the Center of New Information Technologies of M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University
The head of the public Center of Visual Anthropology of M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University.
Has about 80 publications on visual anthropology.
Monograph "Discussions of theoretical and methodological problems of visual anthropology", Editor of six collected articles on visual anthropology.
Producer of video works of CVA MSU (1989 - 2009)
Creator and director of the Moscow International Festival for Visual Anthropology "Mediating Camera"(2002-2010)
1998 "Desert, my desert …"
2000 "To help Theodor"
2004 "To Luba and further'
2005 "Island of faith"
2006 "Years in a hand"
2007 "One in the Family"
2008 "Filimonthology. In memory of Leonid Filimonov"
2009 "The Arrow of Seven Flames"
2010 "Cossacks are not simpletons"

Elena Danilko

Current position: Doctor of History, Leading research assistant the Institute of Ethnology and
Anthropology Russian Academy of Science, Executive Director Association of Ethnographers and Anthropologists of Russia
Recent Publications:
Monograph "Old Believers in South Ural: Essays About the History and Traditional Culture," Ufa, 2002
Executive director of the Moscow International Festival for Visual Anthropology "Mediating Camera"-2010
2003 "Bashkir horse koumiss"
2005 "Uchuk
2005 "Island of faith"
2005 "Years in a hand"
2007 "One in the Family"
2009 "The Arrow of Seven Flames"
2010 "Cossacks are not simpletons"