Visual Cultural Studies (VCS) at the University of Tromsø offers a Master of Philosophy in Visual Cultural Studies

VCS emphasises film and other audio-visual means as tools for successful communication between researchers and local/global communities/networks. The programme is international and our students – who have different academic backgrounds – come from countries all over the world.
The students are trained in using a camera in the research process; and make films by developing and working on their own research projects.
The films produced at VCS are used for teaching purposes at universities, colleges, high schools and at conferences. Most of the films are screened at different international film festivals, where they have won several prizes, and some have been screened on television.
Most academic members of the staff are anthropologists while other staff come from various disciplines and are involved in diverse research projects in a wide range of settings. The scope of the projects varies from working with young people on the street, collaborative projects in Africa and the Pacific, to developing resources for educational purposes at university level.