You could say that how society works can be seen in shoplifting. It's a kind of panorama, a spectre from the point of view of consumption. Shoplifting causes the damage of 400 Million euros for the retail trade in Finland last year. How can a shopkeeper react to that situation? The film is an anthropological-sociological analysis on the theme.
Production: Neno Hour Movie Space, 2009

Director: Ilkka Ruohonen
Production: Neno Hour Movie Space, 2009

Ilkka Ruohonen

Finnish Dr. Ruohonen was born in Helsinki during some time of the 20th century. His
Filmography includes:
"The Carnival Laugh" (2000)
"A Platonic Concept of Hate (2001),
"Episodes of Beauty (2002)
"El Maíz Mágico y los Tractores Chinos" (2003)
"Blood and Sand in the European Elsewhere" (2003)
"Flying the Bolivarian Skies" (2004)
"Maximum Attack!! Anthropology of Speed" (2005)
"Tricular sobre las latas bailando" (2006, a. Dancing and Drinking Anthropologically in Ibero America, b. Last Salsa in Cumaná, c. Mi Alma - My Soul
"Faculty of Arts" (2006)
"Ethique Aesthetique" (2006)
"My Urban Kalakukko Museum" (2006)
"Their Daily Bread" (2007)
"Documentary Albert (2008)