Encounters in the Solomon Islands
Photographic Exhibition


The Encounters in the Solomon Islands exhibition springs from the author's long-term anthropological research in the western Pacific archipelago and state of the Solomon Islands. The photographs displayed in the exhibition have been shot in the Solomon Islands during the years 1992 - 93, 1996, 1998 and 2007.

The presentation of photographs attempts to increase cultural awareness and establish an understanding of cultural differences and similarities, and the positions of indigenous peoples in the modernising and globalising world. The photos depict persons from the Solomon Islands, mainly documented in the everyday settings of anthropological field research in rural villages. Persons in the photos are mainly friends, informants, and other persons who have helped in the research. The photos associate in particular with the cultures and societies of Bellona and Gatokae Islands, which have been highlighted in the wider research project – alongside the capital city of Honiara. A few of the photos originate from cultural festivals held in the Solomon Islands in 1996 and 1998.

Except for public performances where the author has been present as an accredited photographer, the "village" or everyday life photos have been taken with the explicit approval and consent of the (adult) persons displayed in the photos, so that the author may use the photo material in his research publications and in exhibitions related to this research. Several Solomon Islanders displayed in the exhibition photos have seen these photos, and they have approved of the style and manner of their display.

Jari Kupiainen:
Kohtaamisia Salomonsaarilla - Encounters in the Solomon Islands
Photographic Exhibition

Jari Kupiainen

Dr. Jari Kupiainen is Principal Lecturer at the North Karelia University of Applied Sciences and Adjunct Professor at the University of Eastern Finland.