KALANDIA - a Checkpoint's story

Over a span of six years, Neta Efrony, Filmmaker and a member of ''MachsomWatch'', documented an Israeli military Checkpoint - on the road between East Jerusalem and Ramallah - who grew and expanded into becoming a Terminal. Kalandia's Checkpoint does not separate between Arabs and Jews; it separates between Palestinians and Palestinians. The film is an authentic and disturbing testimony to the daily struggle of Palestinians who wish to continue their routine lives, on their way to work, education, medical care or religious reasons

KALANDIA - a Checkpoint's story
A film by Neta Efrony
Israel 2009
59 minutes.

Produced by: Machsom Watch / Women’s Fund for Human Rights
Worldwide Sales: JMT Films Distribution - Michael Treves


Neta Efrony

Neta Efrony Worked for many years for the Israel Broadcast Authority (IBA), first as an Editor. Since 1980 she was the director of the Dept. of Film Editing. Since 1990, until the recent years, she directed documentaries about nature, culture, arts and historical subjects.

Since 2002 – Efrony is an active member of ''Machsom Watch'' (Checkpoint Watch). ''Machsom Watch'' is a non-profit organization of Israeli women . They opposed to the occupation, and go to the checkpoints in the West Bank and around Jerusalem. Each morning they monitor Palestinians at Israel army and border police checkpoints. These women observe, document, and publicize what happens mere minutes away from home – so that everyone should know.

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