Itelmen Stories

Set in Kamchatka Peninsula in the Russian Far East, where fewer than 20 speakers of Itelmen remain, the film goes beyond its original aim to recapture a language and a hunting practice that are remembered but no longer in use.  Two hunters encounter the wild environs and villages of Kamchatka as a history laden homeland and memories, nostalgia, resignation and hope echo throughout the film.

Itelmen Stories
Copyright year: 2010
Duration: 70'
Director: Liivo Niglas
Research: David Koester
Producers: Liivo Niglas,David Koester

Liivo Niglas

Liivo Niglas, born in Estonia in 1970 is currently a lecturer of ethnology at University of Tartu, Estonia. He also runs an independent production company, Mp Doc, for anthropological documentary films. He has made films in Siberia, Africa, Central Asia and North America. Some of his work are "The Brigade", "Yuri Vella's World", "Adventure High" and "Making Rain".