The story of this film begins when the artist and his work forever become independent. Gorriarena dies and his work began a life where the author is not to explain it, replace or modify it. The mounting of an exhibition is the excuse to explore the material and ideological decisions that coexist in the work of an artist. The film explores some of those decisions and results, trying to see what acts of love, trust, order, avidly admiring or raises, and in the process tries to find the path of the painter and maybe, just maybe , close to its truth. A truth that is expressed through color, critical realism and sharp, ironic and the complaint of a strong resistance to being "accused" of political and social painter.

73 min
directed by: Carmen Guarini


Filmmaker and Anthropologist. Ph.D. in Anthropological Cinema under the direction of Jean Rouch by the Université de Nanterre (France). She took post graduate courses with Fernando Birri and Jorge Prelorán. Researcher of the CONICET (Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnicas de Argentina). Professor at the Buenos Aires University and in the Master's University of Cinema in BsAs (FUC). She was as lecturer invited to the EHESS (Paris), and also to the EICTV, Santiago de Compostela University (Spain), etc. She participated in many international meetings on visual anthropology and documentary cinema. She has written many articles about documentary cinema and visual anthropology. In 1986 founded CINE OJO with Marcelo Céspedes. CINE OJO is the leading documentary production company in Argentina. She has taken part of the Jury at the International Film Festivals. In 2001 she received the KONEX Award for her trajectory. Since 2001 is the Co- Director of DocBsAs, Forum for Documentary production.