Buggin' Out

For the past several years, New Yorkers have been fighting bed bugs in shame, solitude, and silence.  Buggin' Out is filmmaker Jamie Berthe's attempt to break this silence: it chronicles the epidemic from the eye of the storm, following Jamie as she comes to grips with her own infestation and embarks upon a quest for answers about one of Mother Nature's most formidable and resilient foes.

Buggin' Out (2010)
directed by: Jamie Berthe

Jamie Berthe

Jamie Berthe completed Buggin' Out (2010) as part of the innovative Culture and Media program with New York University's department of Anthropology. She will begin working on her next Þlm project in Paris, France while conducting research for her dissertation in Fall, 2010.  She is currently a doctoral candidate in the Department of Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University. Her research interests include the cinema of Jean Rouch, documentary and ethnographic Þlm more generally, and postcolonial cinema.