Do Din Ka Mela (A Two Day Fair)

"Nothing in the world will last – it is but a two day fair" sings Mura Lala Fafal, drawing inspiration from the Sufi traditions of Sant Kabir and Abdul Lateef Bhita'i. He is accompanied on the Jodiya Pava (double flute) by his nephew Kanji Rana Sanjot. Kanji taught himself to play and make his own flutes after hearing the music on the radio. Mura and Kanji are Meghwals, a pastoral Dalit community that lives on the edge of the Great Rann of Kachchh, in the Western Indian state of Gujarat. They are both daily wage labourers and subsistence farmers in an arid zone. The film is a a two day journey into the music and every daylife of this uncle-nephew duo, set against the backdrop of the Rann.

A Two Day Fair
Directed by Anjali Monteiro and KP Jayasankar
2009, 60 Mins.

Anjali Monteiro ja KP Jayasankar

Anjali Monteiro is Professor, and K.P. Jayasankar is Professor and Chair in Centre for Media and Cultural Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Both of them are involved in media production, teaching and research. A presiding thematic of much of their work has been a problematising of notions of self and the other, of normality and deviance, of the local and the global, through the exploration of diverse narratives and rituals. Jointly they have won twenty one national and international awards for their films.

They have several papers in the area of media and cultural studies and have contributed to scholarly journals such as Cultural Studies. They are both actively involved in Vikalp and Films for Freedom, which are collectives of documentary filmmakers campaigning for freedom of expression. They are also associated with various media and voluntary organisations.