Walborg´s Kids

A documentary film of the Swedish director Andja Arnebäck, about her family and the sterilization law that existed in Sweden between 1935 and 1975. A personal story about some of the tens of thousands of people who were sterilized against their will in Sweden.

Director: Andja Arnebäck
Production: Erik Jeppsson, Mekanix
Duration: 56 min
Country: Sweden, 2009


Andja Arnebäck

Andja Arnebäck. Graduate student from Dramatiska Institutet, University College of Film, in Stockholm, Sweden, 2004. Before she became a student at the film school she was working with theater in Gothenburg, writing and directing. Main topics in the work of Andja are social questions, abuse in institutions and about people living in the margins of society.