The Poet's Salary

Alex, an outstanding French linguist, has been adopted by the people of Motalava Island, in Vanuatu. He returns there with his family to attend the launching of an epic chant dedicated to his work. Alex' ultimate goal is to unravel the mysteries of the 'language of the ancestors' only mastered by the poets. But once there, things don't exactly happen the way they ought to be...

Director: Eric Wittersheim
Production: Eric Wittersheim
Duration: 59 min
Country: Vanuatu/France, 2008

Eric Wittersheim

Eric Wittersheim studied film and anthropology in Paris. Eric has published several books about New Caledonia and Vanuatu, where he sojourns regularly for the past twenty years.

“I explore very different fields but always with the same attitude: I only start shooting after a long immersion, weaving very close links with the people I film over the years. I only film people who I know very well, people who become part of my life. These films are made for them as much as for us.”