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The film follows Julia, a Russian immigrant, and her 5 years old daughter, who live on the border between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, 4 km from Gaza city, in Kibbutz Nir-Am.

Because of its close proximity to the border, Kibbutz Nir Am has the highest ratio of rocket hits per square kilometer, and the least time for advance warning - less than 18 seconds from the time the" Red Dawn" siren is sounded.

This is a intimate and surprising story of a mother and daughter, who raise each other in their barbed wired fenced Garden of Ede, In spite of Israeli helicopters soaring above their heads, and Palestinian rockets falling in their yard.

Director: Alon Alsheich
Production: Armadil Video
Duration: 52 min
Country: Israel, 2008

Alon Alsheich

This is Alon Alsheich's debut Documentary. Alon lives, creates and teaches in the south of Israel. Alon Alsheich & Eran Yehezkel , the cinematographer and co - creator of the film, own "Armadil Video"- a southern Indie production company.