Past Generation

Past Generation is a documentary about last Game Saloon on wheels, run by three Rockabilly brothers. However, their mobile and free way of living is in under threat by as common thing as compulsory education.

Director: Jukka Eggert
Production: Kinovid Productions
Duration: 56 min
Country: Finland, 2008

Jukka Eggert

Jukka Eggert has been working as a editor since 1996. He has a Bachelor's degree in culture and art and during his studies he was an exchange student in Gerasnimov Institute of Cinematopography,VGIK in Moscow. Shortly after his return from Russia, Jukka directed his first short fiction film ”Lauri”. During his further studies in the University of Art and Design in Pori his interest toward documentary films deepened. Today Jukka works as an editor in a production company in Helsinki and as a documentary filmmaker.