Palna’s Daughters

One-year-old Devi was found starving at a railway station in Delhi. The police took her to Palna, an orphanage, where she lived for a year. “Then two people with white faces came to play with me, and after three days I understood that they would be my mommy and daddy.” When Devi learned to talk she often wanted to talk about Amma, her first mother. “Amma mommy was sick and couldn’t take care of me. But she did hold me.”

In the film, the 6-year-old Devi journeys to her own past, as her family adopts another daughter from Palna, a baby sister for Devi. “I used to live in Palna, too. I wasn’t bought from a store.”

Director: Kiti Luostarinen
Production: Kiti Luostarinen
Duration: 69 min
Country: Finland, 2008

Kiti Luostarinen

Kiti Luostarinen (born in 1951) worked in the 1980s as photographer and graphic designer, became interested in film-making through photography, and made first several short TV films based on slides. Her documentary films include Tell Me What You Saw (Sanokaa mitä näitte, 1993), Gracious Curves (Naisenkaari, 1997), The One and Only – Tales of Love (Se oikea, 1999) and The Face of Death (Kuoleman kasvot, 2003).