My Mom’s Name is Jean

As the youngest of four boys, filmmaker Myles Jewell is the last brother to leave his parents house. Since moving away from home, he realizes that rather than becoming independent of his mother’s care, he is actually still dependent on her despite their growing adult friendship. In an effort to retire from his adolescence, Myles decides to move back home for a month to call his mom by her first name in order to stop relying on her. Inspired by the desire to know his mom as more than just his ‘go-to’ for menial tasks that he does not want to do himself, Myles decides to return home in an attempt to challenge his dependency on his mother, and to know her as more than just a mom. But will his experiment really force him to change?

Director: Myles David Jewell
Duration: 27 min
Country: USA, 2008

Myles David Jewell

Myles David Jewell. Myles received his Master of Arts from New York University in Cinema Studies and a Certificate in the Program of Culture and Media (documentary and ethnographic filmmaking). In May 2008, he completed My mom’s name is Jean? Myles has most recently been working full time on The 14th Victim, a feature length documentary about his grandfather’s involvement on the 1960’s case of the Boston Strangler and the continued effects this case has on his family. This film echoes Myles’ theme of exploring personal/family stories to expose larger cultural issues. Myles also works on other short experimental and essay films