Mother – 4 pieces

This documentary in four episodes sees four women in their sixties portrayed by their daughters. The film pursues this intimacy, revealing its silent, loving as well as colliding aspects. The film interweaves eight biographies and reveals aspects of a sociogram of motherhood as seen through the private lense of the next generation.

Director: Sandra Kulbach, Michaela Achäuble, Nan Mellinger & Johanna Straub
Production: Johanna Straub
Duration: 58 min
Country: Germany, 2006

Sandra Kulbach

spent some years abroad during which she has been working at several positions in the field of filmmaking, before returning to Munich, where she now works and lives as an editor and mother of two daughters and a son.

Michaela Schäuble

studied social anthropology and comparative literature at the universities of Tuebingen and Yale. She has a PhD in anthropology from the University of Manchester and currently lives in Berlin, where she works as a filmmaker and lecturer in Social Anthropology. 

Nan Mellinger

lives in Munich where she works as a freelance publisher and journalist. Since 2002 she has been mother of a daughter.

Johanna Straub

After her studies of Rhetorics and comparative literature in Tuebingen she has been working in the field of documentary distribution in Leipzig.