A meditative exploration of one day spent in Rutba in late 2002, to plant an olive tree against the war, just before the invasion of Iraq. A Greek traveler, an English doctor and an Iraqi storyteller cross paths, their starting point the same question: “Maesmak” the Arabic phrase for ‘what is your name?’

Director: Georges Salameh
Production: Laura Sestito
Duration: 20 min
Country: Iraq-Greece/Italy, 2008

Georges Salameh

Georges Salameh, a Greek citizen, was born in Beirut - Lebanon on February 1st 1973. During civil war his family fled and settled in Athens in 1989. He studied film in Paris and returned to Athens (1997), where he started his career as a photographer and a filmmaker. He has lived in Palermo – Sicily since 2006. In march 2009 he co-founded MeMSéA, a production company.