Dona Helena

Dona Helena was born in the desert-like region of Brazil and since a Young age has always been in love with the viola. She spent her youth amongst groups of cowboys and at brothels, fighting for the right to play. Helena was a midwife and a witch doctor, married 3 times and had 11 kids, but raised only 2 of them. At 69 years of age, still illiterate, she became a star in Brazil. But this sudden success did not change her destiny – earmarked by her humble origins – her fate was to fight for survival and for her family.

Director: Dainara Toffoli
Production: M. Scmiedt Producoes
Duration: 55 min
Country: Brasil, 2007

Dainara Toffoli

Dainara Toffoli graduated in journalism at PUC/RS. Since 1989 she has worked in films and advertising. Today she directs spots for O2 Filmes. In 2005 she opened the Elástica Films with her sister Tatiana Toffoli.

selected filmography DIDIER, FANTA, JIGAR E VERONICA, four, one minute documentaries. 2004. OSWALDO CRUZ, 30 min, documentary, 1997. Best UM HOMEM SÉRIO, 35mm, 20min, 1996.