Desert Brides

This is the story of three Bedouin women, struggling within a polygamous system. Living in the Negev desert in Israel, the story is told through the eyes of a wedding photographer, Miriam Al-Quader. She herself is living under constant fear that her husband will marry "over her" (the expression used when a man chooses an additional wife). The other two women are pushed into marrying already married men, and become "second wives", forced to cooperate within a structure they despise or are afraid of.

Director: Ada Ushpiz
Production: Ada Ushpiz
Duration: 86 min
Country: Israel, 2008

Ada Ushpiz

Ada Ushpiz is a director and producer of documentary films. Her films include: Blood Pact, Detained, Not As Lambs to the Slaughter. Ushpiz was a journalist for "Ha`Aretz" newspaper for thirty-two years. She holds a Bachelor`s Degree in philosophy and literature, and a Masters Degree in Film, as well as a doctarate in History.