Citizen Oketch

Citizen Oketch is a film about people struggling to overcome the hardships of life in Kibera, one of East Africa's largest slums. But it is also a film about joy, friendship and about love.

Throughout the documentary, we hear the sounds of the ghetto radio station, 99.9 Koch FM, pumping out their own brand of Edutainment - Educating by entertainment, that serves the slums of Nairobi with concious messages and popular music.

Director: Geog Götmark & David Herdies
Production: Filmfront STHLM
Duration: 58 min
Country: Kenya/Sweden, 2009

Biography - David Herdies

David Herdies has worked with film and music for several years. At Stockholm University and Uppsala University he studied History of Religion, Conflict Resolution, and Media. David has photographed, edited and directed several music- and artvideos. He has worked as a photographer/journalist in different parts of the world. His social commitment combined with an interest in storytelling, music, and photo, led him towards working with documentary film.

Biography - Georg Götmark

Georg Götmark has studied Cultural Studies at Stockholm University and Film at University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. He has directed short documentaries on different subjects. Most recently Georg finished an info-documentary about masculinity and violence in Nicaragua.