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OCTOBER 8th – OCTOBER 11th 2009

Through the years Viscult, the Finnish film festival introducing ethnographic, anthropological and documentary films, has seen many great filmmakers and visual anthropologists, Asen Balikci, Peter Biella, Gary Kildea, David MacDougall, Colette Piault, Faye Ginsburg, Judith Okely and Jay Ruby among many others.

The festival in Joensuu, which is located near the Russian border in Finland, is known for its warm and intimate atmosphere, and of course, very traditional and at the same time very international sauna.

It’s a festival that thinks and works globally.

The main theme of Viscult 2009 festival is "Family"

Family is one of the central themes of cultural anthropology. Family is a basic unit of every society and has traditionally had different forms in different cultures. In our world of constant change, the definition of family is under an ever continuing re-negotiation, concerning such matters as international adoption, sexual minorities rights to a family and internets virtual communities.

In 2009, we invite anthropological, ethnographic and documentary films about family.

In addition to the main theme, we welcome experimental films questioning the conventions of anthropological film.

The Festival of Visual Culture is a personal event with the majority of filmmakers present to introduce their work encouraging the opportunity for profound discussions of the films, film-making, and culture. The festival is also in close co-operation with the University of Joensuu and its students.

The festival utilizes modern technology to bridge geographical obstacles and to our knowledge is the first film festival in the world that streams all content - films and discussions alike - live on the Internet all over the world. This brings great possibilities for promotion of the filmmakers, the producers, the distributors etc.

Film content is ethnographic, anthropological and documentary. Student films are very welcome.