Transfiction has been shot as part of a practice-based PhD in Drama and explores 'ethnofiction' - an experimental ethnographic film style in which the participants collaborate with the filmmaker to act out their own and others' life experiences in improvisations. The film focuses on identity and discrimination in the daily lives of transgendered Brazilians living in São Paulo. Fabia Mirassos projects her life through the role of Meg, a transsexual hairdresser confronting intolerance and re-living memories of abuse. Savana ‘Bibi’ Meirelles plays Zilda who makes her living as one of the many transgendered sex workers in São Paulo, as she struggles to find her way out of prostitution.

Johannes Sjöberg

Johannes Sjöberg is a Swedish actor and ethnographic filmmaker. He also works as a lecturer in Screen Studies at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom.

Director: Johannes Sjöberg
Production: Johannes Sjöberg
Duration: 57 min
Country: Sweden/Brazil, 2007